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Come to  باغ وحش تهران.”
The map didn’t help. Joshua couldn’t find one point reading باغ وحش تهران.

3 p.m. Don’t be late
He turned to a passer-by. “Time?”
The man made no eye-contact.

The bleat of horns, santour music, giggling women in hijabs,
and the sickly sweet smell of liver kabobs muddled his brain.
He couldn’t think, didn’t want to.
Action was needed. Now.

Or she will be sold to another.

Joshua spun in a circle.
A small boy stepped out of the crowd. “Need help, Mister?”
Joshua jabbed a finger on باغ وحش تهران.
“Oh!” The child pointed a finger toward a compound across the street.
“My favorite place.”

Joshua dodged through traffic, between the gates, down a concrete pathway.
When handed the money, Garshasp grinned.
“Almost too late. Almost.”

Tomorrow Eram Park Zoo’s elephant compound would be minus one baby.
Still, Joshua’s work had just begun.


When I saw the Google map of Tehran, I thought, “Heck, why not just use the map itself for today’s What Pegman Saw?” My eyes focused on the Eram Park Zoo and an idea spun out from there. While visiting their website, I felt really sad about the animal’s environments and wished I could free every one of them. I’m sure the caretakers are kind and do the best they can, but the animals don’t look very happy.

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