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The Squatter

Posted: September 27, 2017 in Friday Fictioneers
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Wednesday-Friday has rolled around again. This is my 100-word contribution. To have this make a complete circle you will first need to read No Other Love by Sandra Crook. If I were more computer savvy I could add her link here. Alas, I’m not. This will stand alone if you don’t read her story first. Thanks for reading.


Sally occupied the top floor of the empty building. She didn’t have much, didn’t need much. Times were hard. But when had they been easy?

Sally ripped seams of thrown-out clothes and hand-stitched the cloth into dresses. Pretty ones too. Veggies the grocer culled, looked perfect when peeled and pickled. And abandoned furniture appeared brand new after she applied a bright coat of found paint or hammered in a few well-placed nails.

Unobtrusive as a ghost Sally came and went – usually at night. Because of that, not a soul knew she was home when Chloe set the apartments on fire.


Thanks, J Hardy Carroll, for a thought-provoking picture and thanks, Rochelle, for posting it in order to inspire the Friday Fictioneer group to hop to our computers on a Wednesday morning. After chop, chop, chopping my story weighs in at 99-words.

Anna collected fractured glass of all sizes, and shapes. Cerulean blue: perfume bottles. Crimson red: Christmas bobbles. Brown: shattered beer growlers from drunken nights. She scoured gutters beaches dumpsters to find perfect shades.

In her kitchen, Anna fit the glass corner-to-corner, side-by-side creating stained-glass pictures of forests, animals, people, so intricate they looked alive. She sold her artwork at the farmer’s market for pennies and was pleased. Her do-nothing husband was not.

After the fire, her remaining art sold at auction for hundreds. But the one her husband knew would bring the most money had gone missing.